Water, Energy
and Environment

The Aquacenter Group was founded in 1996 as a result of gathering six companies:

  • Catalana de Perforacions SA
  • Elèctrica Pintó SL – clorEP
  • Domini Ambiental SL
  • Webdom Labs SL
  • Gestió Solar Sostenible SL
  • Comelsa SL

With its head office based in Santpedor (Barcelona, Spain) and more than a hundred employees, the Aquacenter Group® companies show a global orientation to supply products and services to public administrations, private companies and individuals. The eight group companies own a high technologic level and a human team highly qualified to supply technical solutions to their costumers each one in a different speciality into the energy and water sector.

Catalana de Perforacions SA, is a drilling contractor founded in 1968 specialised in water-well drilling an horizontal directional drilling. Since then, the company has been researching and developing the most innovative techniques within its industry, specialising in high-difficulty works and turning into a global leader in terms od sustainable explotation of hydric and natural resources.

Elèctrica Pintó SL, starts their activity in 1974 with electro-hydraulic pump assembly; up to now the company has developped many projects related to water and energy field.

Domini Ambiental SL has an exceptional position within the water and renewable energies industry, key factors for the future energy management. Founded in 2002 in Santpedor (Barcelona) and having a clear environmental orientation. Exclusive distribution, the best internationa brands and a high technical experience are the key of its contribution.

Webdom Labs SL was founded in 2011 and manufactures monitoring systems (software and hardware) for the control of photovoltaic plants, thermal production and consumption of electricity, water and/or gas. Theri products allow measuring and controlling energy consumption and contribute to energy saving.

Gestió Solar Sostenible was founded in 2005 in Santpedor (Barcelona) and committed to designing, building, exploting and maintaining solar farms and photovoltaic installations. Besides, provides and extensive array of auxiliary services to make those facilities supply electricity continuously and efficiently.

Comelsa SL is a company specialized in mechanic-electrical assemblies since 1985. Offers inspection and windings of motors, alternators and transformes, industrial cooling and air conditioning facilities, commissioning and after sales services. It also has a workshop to repair all kind of electro-mechanical equipments.