Digital SMART pumps DDA, DDE & DDC (S)

The innovative system with stepper motors (Digital Dosing) technology covers a wide range of applications with only a few models. In addition, there are many advantages such as low pulsation, stable and continuous dosage of simple operation and universal connections for installations of existing processes.

In order to obtain a precise metering and a process of high reliability, we offer fully integrated solutions. The Digital Dosing combined with optimum design in the design of the head and a 100% stroke length allow the stable liquid spontaneously dosage, such as solid hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide. With optional integral FlowControl or systems FlowMonitor, the functioning of dispensing errors can be detected and monitored. In addition, AutoFlowAdapt or AutoCal systems ensure an automatic compensation and a recalibration during dosing, even in the case of environmental changes.

  • Modularity » Flexibility for any environment or situation
  • Simplicity » Operation simple and great precision
  • “Flow” Intelligence » Reliability on advanced processes
  • Flow Control
  • Flow Measurement
  • AutoFlowAdapt

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