Pump Digital for common applications up to 15 l/h

The DDC range is the optimal solution for common applications. It has graphic screen LCD and menus available in over 25 languages.

It offers a wide range of possibilities standard operation, inputs and outputs such as analog control ports and the output relays, which are very easy to integrate in control systems.

This pump is suitable for universal use thanks to the SlowMode (anti-cavitation) function, which allows you to treat as well as a method of calibration nice high-viscosity fluids.

The models available are:

  • DDC 6 litres – 10 bar
  • DDC 9 litres – 7 bar
  • DDC 15 litres – 4 bar


  • Maximum 15 l/h y 10 bar
  • Reduction ratio 1:1000
  • LC graphic display backlit in different colors
  • More than 25 languages
  • Standard operating modes, for example, pulse and analog
  • SlowMode for high viscosity liquids
  • 2 relay outputs integrated