Dosing and Disinfection
Water Treatment Products

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We have a wide range of products covering a wide range of facilities for the treatment of water: chlorine gas, ammonia, chlorine dioxide, electrochlorination, dosage of liquid reagents for both industrial field facilities and municipal facilities.

Dosificación de Gases
Gas Dosing
In installations with gases dosing processes such as chlorine gas or ammonia, safety and dosing accuracy they require a high level of demand.

For this reason Vaccuperm series components provide a reliable vacuum dosing system.
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Generación de Dióxido de Cloro
Chorine Dioxide
An excellent method to guarantee the disinfection of drinking water is use a disinfectant chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is a highly effective compound to eliminate all kinds of pathogenic germs and has a residual effect in the system.
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The Selcoperm electrolytic chlorination systems are supplied as a design solution modular pre-assembled castings, which produce a hypochlorite solution using a common salt solution thanks to the action of electricity, without significant by-products generated in the process. Generated hypochlorite solution presents a pH value between 8 and 8’5 and a maximum of 6 g/l concentration of chlorine equivalent.
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Bombas Dosificadoras
Dosing Pumps
In order to cover any dosing requirement in the installations of our customers, we offer a wide range of dosing pumps.

All our pumps provide control systems and simple and intuitive programming, at the same time, its operational noise levels are very low.
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Instrumentation equipment is an indispensable part of any installation with potable water treatment processes.

To do this we have a wide range of products to control the quality of water and safety in dosing and disinfection processes.
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clorEP Product
At clorEP we have an i + D + I department for the development of our own product for drinking water treatment facilities.

Our products comply with the most demanding quality standards and opt for innovation and the integration of the latest technologies.
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