Dosing Pumps

In order to meet any need of dosage on the premises of our customers, we have a wide range of dosing pumps.

SMART digital pumps series DDA, DDA XL, DDE, DDE XL and DDC, and DME digital pumps are dosing capacities ranging from 2.5 ml/h up to 940 l/h. offer a high technology in its operation, a new concept of ease of use and a smart flow control. These characteristics ensure a high reliability, profitability and highly precise processes with an excellent price-performance ratio.

On the other hand, DMX and DMH mechanical pumps have a dosage of up to 8.000 l/h capacity and reach some ranges of pressure dosage between 1.5 and 200 bars. Its solid design and its high quality engines make these pumps on computers that require little maintenance and the best choice for a wide range of applications.

All our pumps have some control systems and programming simple and intuitive, while its operational noise levels are very low.

Product range by Dosing Pumps


Digital SMART pumps DDA, DDE & DDC (S)

The innovative system with stepper motors (Digital Dosing) technology covers a wide range of applications with only a few models. In addition, there are many advantages such as low pulsation, stable and continuous dosage of simple operation and universal connections for installations of existing processes.

In order to obtain a precise metering and a process of high reliability, we offer fully integrated solutions. The Digital Dosing combined with optimum design in the design of the head and a 100% stroke length allow the stable liquid spontaneously dosage, such as solid hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide. With optional integral FlowControl or systems FlowMonitor, the functioning of dispensing errors can be detected and monitored. In addition, AutoFlowAdapt or AutoCal systems ensure an automatic compensation and a recalibration during dosing, even in the case of environmental changes.

  • Modularity » Flexibility for any environment or situation
  • Simplicity » Operation simple and great precision
  • “Flow” Intelligence » Reliability on advanced processes
  • Flow Control
  • Flow Measurement
  • AutoFlowAdapt

High-end Digital pump up to 30 l/h

High-end DDA pump is designed for complex and demanding applications where the key is to maximize the reliability of the process. If required liquid baking soda, flow rates of up to 30 l/h or a process advanced control, this pump offers the perfect solution.

For industrial applications package includes more operating modes complementary, as weekly dosing timed, and new features like the automatic venting.

The models available are:

  • DDA 7,5 litres – 16 bar
  • DDA 12 litres – 10 bar
  • DDA 17 litres – 7 bar
  • DDA 30 litres – 4 bar


  • Maximum 30 l/h and 16 bar
  • Reduction’s ratio 1:3000 (7.5-16) or 1:1000
  • Flow Control with selective diagnosis of errors
  • Flow measurement integrated
  • AutoFlowAdapt
  • Auto deaeration even when the pump is on standby
  • Models batch (timer or based on pulses)
  • Optional E-box for Profibus DP integration

Pump Digital for common applications up to 15 l/h

The DDC range is the optimal solution for common applications. It has graphic screen LCD and menus available in over 25 languages.

It offers a wide range of possibilities standard operation, inputs and outputs such as analog control ports and the output relays, which are very easy to integrate in control systems.

This pump is suitable for universal use thanks to the SlowMode (anti-cavitation) function, which allows you to treat as well as a method of calibration nice high-viscosity fluids.

The models available are:

  • DDC 6 litres – 10 bar
  • DDC 9 litres – 7 bar
  • DDC 15 litres – 4 bar


  • Maximum 15 l/h y 10 bar
  • Reduction ratio 1:1000
  • LC graphic display backlit in different colors
  • More than 25 languages
  • Standard operating modes, for example, pulse and analog
  • SlowMode for high viscosity liquids
  • 2 relay outputs integrated

Digital pump with basic functions up 15 l/h

Pump DDE, still being the most economic model of all, enjoys all the advantages of technology Digital Dosing with the basic functions of this technology.

Works with a maximum reduction coefficient of 1:1000 and have a capacity of homogeneous dosing and continuous.
It is a model that can replace a range of existing models with flow rates of dosage between 0.006 and 15 l/h.

The flow rate is adjusted using a logarithmic scale which ranges from 0.1 to 100%. The nice control pulse, external stop function and vacuum level signal model, has become an ideal equipment for OEM applications.

The models available are:

  • DDE 6 litres – 10 bar
  • DDE 15 litres – 4 bar


  • Maximum 15 l/h y 10 bar
  • Reduction ratio 1: 1000
  • Smooth continuous dosing
  • Suction stroke always 100%
  • Capacity adjustment 0.1-100%
  • Simple pulse operation mode
  • External alarm stop and empty tank

Digital pump up to 200 l/h

DDA XL & DDE XL pumps allow dosage from 75 ml/HR to 200 l/h thanks to its ratio of reduction of 1:8000, featuring real flow setting functions.

High-performance microelectronics and innovative drive technology controlled by speed that incorporate, allow to carry out dosage accurate and continuous, ensuring the homogeneity of the mixture with the fluid and the quality of the process. Just insert the dosage flow in litres per hour; the pump does the rest.

The models available are:

  • DDA/DDE XL 60 litres – 10 bar
  • DDA/DDE XL 120 litres – 7 bar
  • DDA/DDE XL 200 litres – 4 bar


  • High precision and maximum ease of use
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • The range brings the same benefits such its respective S range model

Pump diaphragm Digital to 940 l/h

Grundfos pumps DME Digital Dosing technology, combine a perfect accuracy with ease of use and cover dosing volumes ranging from 375 l/h to 940 l/h with a small number of variants.

The user can install and configure the pump easily to download exactly the amount of liquid dosage requirements for the application. The screen, which allows you to directly consult the configuration of the pump, shows the flow rate in ml/h or l/h, pulses or lots. The active operating mode is easily determined by means of icons.

Thanks to its reduction, ten times better than that of any traditional team relationship, of DME technology Digital Dosing pumps provide maximum levels of flexibility and precision. The reduction of the career of aspiring for 75%, 50% or 25% of the maximum speed guarantees optimum, even with the most complex liquid priming and displacement.

The models available are:

  • DME 375 litres – 10 bar
  • DME 940 litres – 4 bar


  • Tecnology Digital Dosing
  • Reduction ratio 1:800
  • High precision; exclusive technology
  • Dosage of high viscosity fluids
  • Robust and reliable

Mechanical diaphragm pump up to 2000 l/h

The DMX range of Grundfos has proved its worth as part of dosing applications internationally. Its solid design with diaphragm and its high quality engines make bombs DMX equipment that require very little maintenance and the best choice for a wide range of dosing applications.

The extensive range of accessories specially designed for the DMX range contributes to optimize its performance: AR control electronics (control signal contact with function of multiplication and division, 4-20 mA control or frequency control of career through screen and keyboard, and low-level signal / vacuum), built-in relief valve, dosage controller , leak in the diaphragm actuator for automatic adjustment of the length of career and PTC motors with variable frequency (VFD). We also put at your disposal system components, such as valves pressure load and pulsation dampers.

The available models are:

  • DMX221 50 litres – 10 bar
  • DMX221 75 litres – 4 bar
  • DMX221 115 litres – 3 bar
  • DMX226 190 litres – 10 bar
  • DMX226 280 litres – 8 bar
  • DMX226 460 litres – 6 bar
  • DMX226 224 litres – 5 bar
  • DMX226 765 litres – 3 bar
  • DMX227 1120 litres – 5 bar
  • DMX227 2000 litres – 3 bar


  • Tecnology Digital Dosing
  • Reduction ratio 1:10
  • High precision; exclusive technology
  • Dosage of high viscosity fluids
  • Robust and reliable

Hydraulic Piston diaphragm pump

DMH range of metering diaphragm pumps piston hydraulically operated for flow rates of 0.15 l/h to 2 x 1500 l/h and pressures between 200 and 4 bar.

Grundfos DMH range consists of extremely resistant and robust, pumps designed for applications that require reliable dosage features and capacity to develop high pressures, such as those related to process engineering. The model 28 DMH 28x has been designed for applications where it is necessary to have high pressures (between 50 and 200 bar). It is a highly versatile range: covers a wide range of flow rates, offers dosing heads of different sizes, is available in different materials and incorporates a wide range of accessories. Customers all over the world have enjoyed years of their bombs DMH seamlessly.

The DMH pumps have features of high precision dosage and facilitate the reproduction of operations with great accuracy. Pumps DMH 25 x, the fluctuation of the dosing flow is less than ± 1.5% within the control range (10-100%), while the linearity deviation is ± 2% of the maximum value of the scale. DMH pumps 28 x, the fluctuation of the dosing flow is less than ± 1.0% within the control range (10-100%), while the linearity deviation is ± 1% of the maximum value of the scale.

The models available are:

  • DMH 50 litres – 200 bar
  • DMH 105 litres – 100 bar
  • DMH 222 litres – 50 bar
  • DMH 21 litres – 25 bar
  • DMH 680 litres – 16 bar
  • DMH 1150 litres – 10 bar
  • DMH 1500 litres – 4 bar