Chez ClorEP, nous avons notre propre gamme de produits pour les installations de traitement d’eau potable.

Dans notre catalogue, nous avons, entre autres:

  • Analyseurs de chlore
  • Systèmes de génération de dioxyde de chlore

Product range by clorEP

Chlorine Analyzer CLP600A

Multi-parametric chlorine analyzer for chlorine, pH, temperature and specific conductivity for the control of water quality in dosing and disinfection processes in drinking water installations. The measuring range for the equipment is 0-2 mg/l for the CLP163A probe and 0-10 mg/l for the CLP163B probe, with a maximum working pressure of 1 bar.

The probes are equipped with compensation in temperature and pH.

The equipment has analog inputs and outputs:

  • pH probe inlet.
  • Chlorine probe inlet.
  • Two outputs for temperature sensors.
  • One 0-20 mA input.
  • One input 0-10 V.
  • Two outputs 0 / 4-20 mA.

It also has digital inputs and outputs:

  • Four opto-coupled digital inputs.
  • Two configurable relay outputs 1A.
  • Two Configurable maximum 0.1A solid state relay outputs.

Communications are through an isolated RS485 port with polarization and fail safe via Modbus Rtu protocol.

Among other features, it comes equipped with a 5 “TFT resistive touch screen and four auxiliary membrane buttons for navigation, it has a datalogger function with a capacity of 64 Mbytes, a calendar clock with a time backup system for more than 5 years of lack of power. , possibility of reading data and configuration via Bluetooth device and the possibility of incorporating a conductivity sensor and a GSM modem.


Chlorine dioxide generation system up to 32 kg/h

We have a complete range of chlorine dioxide generators for water disinfection potable via acid with concentrated and diluted reagents or via gas. Our PRODIOX® CLP200A chloride dioxide generators have been designed, programmed and manufactured entirely by our technical team following the highest rates in research and product development.

The standard range comprises equipment ranging from 1 kg/h to 32 kg/h of production of ClO2 with a yield of 92-97% and a maximum concentration of dosed product of 0.28%. The reagents used are 25% sodium chloride and 32% hydrochloric acid or chlorine gas.