Electrolytic chlorination systems are supplied as a design solution modular pre-assembled castings, which produce a hypochlorite solution through a common thanks to the action of electricity salt solution, without significant by-products generated in the process.

Generated hypochlorite solution presents a pH value between 8 and 8’5 and a maximum of 6 g/l concentration of equivalent chlorine.

The main components of the installation of electrochlorination are electrolysis, storage, brine deposits and product solution, an extractor unit to remove the produced hydrogen and the dosing pumps of product solution.

The advantages of this system are that they will eliminate the risks associated with the transport of dangerous goods; It is a product not subject to the rules of storage APQ-006 and endows the installation of autonomy in the chemical supply.

Production standards capabilities range from 2 kg/day up to 44 kg/day (like chlorine 100% by weight) in a single rack. Also have superior capabilities in a single frame of up to 900 g/day low order.

The dosed quantity depends on the application and local regulations. Usually, dosages of product usually employed lie between 0.3 and 2 ppm of chlorine equivalent.

  • To perform the electrolysis needed electricity, common salt and water
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Will be available at all times clean hypochlorite solution
  • The disinfectant solution does not decompose as commercial hypochlorite solutions
  • Approved disinfection method that meets the requirements specified in the regulations relating to drinking water
  • Alternative that requires you to deploy fewer security measures that require systems that use chlorine gas
  • Basic, and sturdy components which minimized the needs of system maintenance and manage to have a prolonged shelf life


Product range by Electrochlorination


Production equipments from the 2 kg/day up to 43 kg/day

Production simple and safe of sodium hypochlorite for disinfection by electrochlorination technology applications.

Production standards capabilities range from the 2 kg/day to 43 kg/day (as chlorine 100% by weight) in a single frame. Also have superior capabilities in a single frame of up to 900 kg/day low order.