Control and metering


At clorEP we have a wide range of instrumentation products for the control and measurement of water parameters to ensure the quality of the water in the facilities of drinking water treatment processes that we design. In addition, we also have products to guarantee the safety of its facilities and its operators.

In our instrumentation catalog we have, among others:

  • Gas Leak Detectors
  • Photometers

Product range by Instrumentation

Gas Leak Detection


Gas warning system for safe monitoring of up to two independent measuring points in gas dosing installations, storage and/or service rooms.

Simultaneous display of both measured values. Optimum safety due to permanent sensor monitoring, alarm relay and the possibility of back-up operation (uninterrupted current supply) by connection of an external buffer battery. Very short response time in case of sudde change of gas concentration. Long service life of sensor elements.

One alarm relay per measured value. Sensor recognition and auto-calibration, monitoring of the lifetime of the sensor (not for amperometric sensors). Internal CAN bus interface for sensor connection (not for amperometric sensors). 6 Operating languages.

Grundfos DIT-L


Photometer for the analytical determination of various parameters, with two different wavelengths, high-quality interference filters, stable long-term LEDs as a light source, without moving parts, with transparent sample chamber, automatic wavelength selection , simple operation thanks to the fixed sequence of the methods and the visualization of the last used method, storage capacity to calibrate the zero, operator’s guide in simple language, infrared interface for the transmission of data to a PC (in connection with a optional DIT-IR system), hermetic housing, acid-resistant and solvent-resistant keyboard, calibration by the user that allows its use as a test unit and long-term stable reagent supports with a guaranteed minimum useful life of 5 or 10 years.

DIT-L photometer complete with case, 4 batteries, 3 vials (24 mm diameter), a cleaning brush and a basic kit of reagents (so you can make your first measurements with all available methods). Order the necessary reagents separately.